Luxury Car Rental

We provide Luxury Car Rental for your corporate events, Executive staff travelling, Wedding Functions, Foreigner guests etc. we have 4*4 vehicles, And luxury cars of most famous brands of the world in our fleet. These vehicles are available not only for Monthly or weekly basis but also you can get these luxury vehicles at Daily basis. To make you different and to put your best impression in front of your customers, competitors, vendors we have Latest and New model vehicles in our feet, you can avail these wide range of vehicle at best prices. 

Sagwan Rent a Car is the most famous and well known Car Rental Agency in Lahore as well as in Pakistan. If you are not interested in Luxury Car Rental solutions you can get Economical Vehicles At Rent from us. We will provide you the best car rental services as compared to other car rental agencies or companies. 

Toyota Prado at Rent 2017-2018


Rs 13,000 Per Day( Within Lahore)

Rs 15,000 Per  Day (For outstation)


Rs 80,500 (Within Lahore)

Rs 91,000 (For Outstation)

Rs 310,000 Per Month

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 at Rent 2016-2018


RS 25000 Per Day (Within Lahore)

Rs 30,000 Per Day (For outstation)

Rs 154,000 Per Week (Within Lahore)

Rs 196,000 Per Week (For Outstation)

Rs 650,000 Per Month

Audi A6 at Rent


Rs 45,000 Per Day (Within City Lahore)

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