Sagwan Rent a Car in Lahore Introduce Economic Vehicles at Rent and help its potential customers to find cheap vehicle for within city or out station travelling. Getting Economical vehicle also effect on your fuel cost. by getting cheap cars you get benefit from both side and make your cheapest journey.

To maintain our quality of service we has latest and New model vehicles in our fleet, new vehicle means their is zero percent chances of vehicle breakdown at road

Toyota Corolla GLI-2016-2018
  • Rs 3000 (Within City Lahore)
  • Rs 3500 (Faisalabad/sialkot)
  • Rs 4000(Islamabad/Multan/Muree)
  • Rs 20,000 (within city lahore)
Lahore to Faisalabad Drop      7,000.00
Lahore to Sialkot Drop      6,500.00
Lahore to Multan Drop   10,000.00
Lahore to Islamabad Drop   11,000.00
Honda Civic 2016-2018
  • Rs 6000 Per Day (Within Lahore)
  • Rs 7500 Per Day (For Outstaion)

Rs 39000 Per Week (Within Lahore)

Lahore to Faisalabad Drop      9,000.00
Lahore to Sialkot Drop      8,000.00
Lahore to Multan Drop   15,000.00
Lahore to Islamabad Drop   17,000.00
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